To Isabel, Carlos, Ione, Dana:
(I hope your mother don't want to kill me! Don't let her to see my blog & photo^_^)

How are you? It's hard for me to go back Taiwan's life, it's too busy! I don't like. Maybe I should stay in Catalonia. See! I don't say Spain, it's different!
I come back Taiwan 7/22. It will start my another internship. > < busy.....and eat so much food. The food in Taiwan is best! You should try.^^come to Taiwan! come to Taiwan! live in my home & take you to eat famous food.
I want to thank you to take care me when we are in Rubi. It's wonderful memory. I have a secret gift to your whole family. But I don't know what time it will arrive. Not kimono!haha~~~
Thank you again & hope you all are very very good~
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